She says Sheephill, we say Schafhügel

Goodtime Midnight In Paris "MayLea"

After a slight chaotic travel from Georgia / USA Achim and MayLea arrived Wednesday finally. Due to strike at Frankfurt Airport they had to stay in Atlanta another 24 hours and than MayLea flew to Germany on the seat beside Achim.
MayLea stayed all the time relaxed, liked to take a closer look at Atlanta and won various 2- and 4-legged friends in the city and at the airport. We really love the stable, not complicated and friendly character of a lot of American Shelties.

The “ruedelchen” welcomed MayLea friendly and 15 minutes after arrival she was running happy in the garden:

Like so often in life plans change. We were waiting for a puppy from another breeder, when we asked Joy Good in Georgia (Goodtime Shelties) in February, whether we may use pictures of Spark for the litter plan on our homepage. We instantly had a very nice Email conversation and eventually we saw the pictures of her with 10 weeks on Joys homepage and were blown away.

Picturs: Joy Good

A lot of emails, thorough genealogy and long talks later the decision was made: Achim flies on 24th march to USA and picks that sweetie with 4 month up.

Lots of warm thanks go to Dorina Lampe, Petra Tietze and Rabea Engel for all advice and support. Also thanks to all those, who kept their fingers crossed, who kept quite about our plans until they noticed that everybody knows about it, because as usual Tanja could not keep quite about ;).

Achim felt instantly very comfortable with Joy and Bob: That were wonderful day with very interesting talks and much fun.

On Achims first evening, MayLea working on Bobs shoelaces.

Front Shevaun (mum of Bear), MayLea and her mother Dazzle:

Dazzle in the air reminded Achim of Mabel in the way she behaves and moves. Front left MayLeas full-sister Promise.

Front MayLeas grandmother Sally with 12,5 years. On the ball Goodie:


The first excursion with Achim: A real Southern Girl

Better stay at distance:

After two nice and interesting days in Sylvania, Achim and MayLea, at that time called Paris, started their travel. On the way to Atlanta they received a sms from Lufthansa, that the flight was canceled. Some exciting hours later, they had an assured seat on the plane 24 hours later. Achim stayed in Atlanta with Paris at the Hilton ;) and explored with her the big city on the next day.

Some green between skyskrapers.

Dog area at the airport Atlanta, just before departure:

The cutie slept all the nine hours of the flight, only the last half hours she slowly woke up, but cuddling with Achim makes her get along.

At least arrived:

Many, many thanks to Bob and Joy Good for this wonderful little girl and the warm and pleasant welcome, Achim has enjoyed it very much!